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We help businesses succeed
by focusing on what matters


Entrepreneurs and innovators are amazing.

They build awesome products and services that turn into fast-growing, global businesses.

Sometimes, they need a little help along the way. 

That's where we come in.


By applying proven techniques, using the power of the Lean Canvas methodology and leaning on 20+ years of experience, the Digital DNA team can help entrepreneurs focus on the fundamental elements of their product or service and how these satisfy their customer's needs.

This approach works for product-led companies of all sizes and at all stages: from those in startup mode to those looking to review and challenge their existing products. 

You can engage with the Digital DNA team in a number of ways: by participating in a Lean Canvas workshop; or working through your strategy with us in a series of dedicated sessions; or engaging one of us longer term to work directly with you and your team on a specific project or as Non Exec Advisors.

They keep a clear strategic head, while still taking care of the details.
— Mat Morrison, Mediaczar
The right degree of passion, acumen and patience to work with a big company like Nokia, delivering great results for us.
— Ed Simnett, Nokia
Digital DNA’s knowledge of the science, art and technology of digital media is exceptional.
— Matt Woods, BTVision
In my experience David is someone whose thinking is at least a step or two further down the road than most other people’s.
— Richard Davidson-Houston, Channel 4


Passionate and experienced


Each individual in the Digital DNA team is passionate about helping innovators and entrepreneurs become even more successful. We can each dig into years of business experience and also boast deep expertise across a number of sectors, including digital media, data analytics, cleantech, fintech and gaming. Our experience was gained both within startups and larger corporates, enabling us to bring the best of both worlds to our project work.

We look forward to helping you some time soon.


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