DDNA profile: Jake Ronay

Digital DNA is made up of highly experienced, knowledgeable and well-networked individuals. Every one of the team has benefited from working at senior exec level for startups and in larger corporates, and we lean very heavily on that experience to help our clients focus on what matters.

Jake Ronay joined the DDNA team in February and his background has armed him with a "Swiss-army knife” of management techniques. Jake has over 15 years experience leading strategy, growth and change programmes in a wide range of industries including web analytics, mobile, retail, construction, energy and even the public sector.

His most recent role was as Group MD at London-based startup Visual DNA (a big data analytics company) where he lead the senior team in a strategic review of the business and its offering, getting the team to focus on core strengths. Prior to that he lead the Mayor of London's energy efficiency programme for the GLA off the back of heading up similar projects for Dixons Store Group and Tescos.

Jake is passionate about what these industries can teach each other and in particular how lessons learned from large organisations can be applied to fast-growing start-ups.